The UAE located in the gulf is a beautiful place to be. Tourists in millions visit this place every year for various reasons. But what they require to enter the country is a valid visa.

There are several factors to be considered for entering United Arab Emirates legally. You are required to have valid passport and visa documents. Some of the factors to be taken into account are country of origin, duration of stay, nationality of would-be visitors, purpose of visit and passport type.

Some guidelines to follow

If you are a tourist, then you are to follow few guidelines for entering the UAE.

  • Country of Origin and Nationality: Some exemptions exist with respect to Visa applications. For example, GCC nation citizens are not required to apply for any visa when travelling to Dubai. Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are the GCC nations. This privilege is further extended to the GCC citizen’s escorts also like personal assistants, drivers, domestic helpers, etc., but for sixty day stay only. GCC country non-residents enjoying good reputation and privileged professional status are provided with 30 day non-renewable visa on arrival at the approved entry port. Such professionals can be engineers, doctors, accountants, government officials, managers, entrepreneurs, etc. Similar courtesy is extended to their sponsored escorts or staffs.
  • Visitors from specific countries are not required the advance visa arrangements until they exceed the given thirty day period. In case, such visitors plan to extend their duration, then they have to pay additional charges. It is rather a long list and includes territories/countries like Brunei, Australia, Denmark, Canada, France, Estonia, Hong Kong, Greece, Japan, Iceland, Malaysia, Liechtenstein, Portugal, New Zealand, Slovenia, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, the U.K., Vatican City and the U.S. For those citizens of those countries, not included in the above list are required to arrange valid visas in advance before their travel. It would be useful to consult the UAE visa authorities who can provide proper and prompt guidance.
  • Online application of Visa for Emirates patrons: Emirates passengers can opt for submitting online visa application to visit Dubai. However, this privilege is limited to those having confirmed Emirates tickets and having ready flight itinerary. In such a case, the traveler’s passport is not necessary to be stamped. But the passport needs to be valid for a minimum period of six months with regards to the traveling dates to the UAE. This option is for those visitors planning to stay in Dubai for at least 96 hours to maximum of thirty days.

About ‘Visit Visa’

Hotels, tourist companies, airlines, airlines handlers, UAE citizens, UAE based organizations, eligible residents can all apply for the visit visa on behalf of the visitor. It is for those visitors planning to spend over fourteen days in the UAE. This type of sponsorships applies usually for those foreigners visiting Dubai to meet family members and friends or on extended business trip. The sponsor in this case, is needed to submit few documents like their passport copy, salary certificate or employment contract copy.

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