Investors, entrepreneurs, laborers, professionals and employees from across the globe visit the UAE with a clear objective to enjoy tax free income and other perks that this country offers. The government has been welcoming everyone. This has helped 7.8 million expats to get opportunities to reside here. The expat population from the country’s total population is about 85%. Understanding the multicultural populace and huge foreign collaboration, the government has been maintaining appropriate track record of, with regards to the four crucial documents that has been complied for the residents here.

Procedures for companies to follow

UAE companies are required to follow certain procedures for acquiring four documents in favor of their employees. According to the government directives, employees appointed by the companies are required to process several documents and also have to undertake the expenses related to the paperwork. But there are present few companies offering PRO services, which can assist the residency applicant to overcome the tedious process.

Knowing the UAE residency factors for the employees

  • Residency Visa: The UAE residency Visa can be stated to be a sticker on the passport, clearly mentioned the individual’s personal details, like his designation, residency number and visa’s expiry date.
  • Labor contract: This document states the employment contract procedures between the employee and the employer and to be abided by law. This contract could be an unlimited or limited contract, depending upon the employment rules to be described. It in Arabic and English that the contract gets drafted. An online document has been created by the Labour, since 2014, for making this procedure easier. One can get assistance from a qualified public relationship officer for getting to know the details of the procedure.
  • Emirates ID: It is an important ID containing the individual’s passport number, date of birth, a magnetic chip, his residency number and passport photo. Employees are to be provided with this ID, since it is a legal requirement in the UAE and also an important identification card.
  • Medical Insurance: Health related issues are given plenty of importance by the UAE government. It is concerned about the health of the UAE nationals and expats as well. Before the approval of the visa, a medical test is to be taken and provided, stating that there are no contagious diseases suffered by the individual. Once this test is cleared that medical is provided to the person.

The above are the four major factors that are to be followed for any individual to get a working residency status in the UAE.

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