There are many people who are eager to make side income, besides their full time income. Part time jobs are just perfect for students, housewives, the retired and even those who are employed full time. The additional income can be useful in supplementing the family needs.

Does UAE allow freelancing jobs legally?

Under specific circumstances, working in the UAE is considered to be legal. Temporary work permits can be availed by those engaged in any job for about 6 months. The UAE Ministry of Labour allows individuals employed full time to undertake part time jobs legally. But they are to obtain from their part time and full time employers the no-objection certificates to be eligible.

Some lucrative part time jobs are mentioned below

  • Creativity and design: There are few creativity industries that hires experienced logo and banner designers, identity professionals and web designers. Weekly tasks can fetch around Dh3,500. Prices may different between different employers. But, the skilled and experienced designer can get more.
  • Translators: With diverse nationalities having come together from various countries from across the globe and UAE termed as a multicultural country, there is required good number of language translators on part-time basis. The individual can also prefer to be on the company payroll. The job is well paying and flexible on hourly basis. Pay varies depending upon the services and languages provided.
  • Freelance writers: There is huge demand for good number of freelance writers, which is not limited to magazines and books. Content writers are required for blogs and websites. Such part time jobs can be undertaken from the home or according to the project requirements. The pay could vary depending upon the project.
  • Social media specialists: The social media has gained wide prominence, for both professional and personal use. The demand for qualified, creative and highly skilled social media specialists is increasing in demand. People having experience in customer acquisition, blogging, social bookmarking can gain lucrative pay package.
  • Instructors or tutors: Children do require god tutors who can help them with their curriculum and to undertake extra-curricular activities. There are required instructors for math, music and swimming. People having skills in any discipline can enjoy getting part time jobs. The pay definitely varies depending upon their specific skill, experience and qualification.

Hence, with so many types of part time jobs available in the market, there is no dearth of extra income in the UAE for those who need the most.

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