UAE is considered to be developing very fast and modernizing itself.  To help undertake this mammoth, highly challenging task, it has been welcoming expats from across the world. The government and the private sector here have been providing jobs to the expat for benefitting the country from their expertise and to help in enhancing economic development. Majority of the expats prefer to join government jobs, since it is known for its generous remunerations, stability and attractive perks.

Getting to know the benefits enjoyed by working in UASE government jobs

  • Work-life balance: UAE government jobs are quite cherished due to their well balanced work-life approach. Although private sector companies claim themselves to be employee friendly, the government jobs are the most preferred choice among the expats. The reason is because, they offer with paid leaves, ease of workload, sponsorship benefits, medical benefits, family benefits and others. The balanced workload, small working hours, generous remunerations does offer the expats with an opportunity to lead lavish lifestyle. They also get sufficient time for spending quality time with their family after work.
  • Pay package: When monetary benefits are concerned, free and comprehensive medical insurance, complimentary yearly air tickets along with bonus are something that are offered to the professionals. UAE is known to provide its expats with airfare, housing allowances, dependent visas, compulsory medical insurance, children school fees, retirement gratuity, housing allowance, etc. These benefits are stated to be much better than what is being offered by the private sector companies.
  • Lifestyle: Apart from the work life balance and direct financial indulgence, employees having government jobs are able to improve their lifestyle. They also enjoy wonderful opportunities to explore and sheltered environment.
  • Leaves: When compared to the private sector, the public sector is known to offer more leaves for public holidays which are declared by the government spontaneously or annually.

With the above benefits to be enjoyed, people can apply for numerous positions with the UAE government, depending upon their eligibility and qualification. The individual should upload his updated CV on the different job search sites. This way, he would be seen by the potential employers. He also can apply directly with the different UAE government organizations through their sites, by checking out the vacancies currently available.

The multicultural environment and languages, variety of food, stylish attires, lavish housing and fast cars is what makes the UAE government jobs, the right place to work.

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