UAE is said to adorn with vast deserts, enormous skyscrapers, bustling cities that are really interesting to look at. Its inhabitants are well protected by the state laws.

Custodial law

UAE’s custodial aspect of the family law is considered to be quite similar to that of the others, across the globe. The objective here is to favor the rights of the child and to protect its interests. One interesting facet related to such laws in the country is stated to the various roles that are assigned to fathers and mothers. Such differences are often witnessed in the descriptions of custodians and guardians. The child’s guardian maintains the child financially. Important decisions are made by him/her with respect to the child’s upbringing and education, while taking care of affairs of the child.

Custody of the child

It is the custodian, with whom the child’s physical custody lies with. It is he/she who is to up bring the child, take care of it and raise it to a handsome man or beautiful woman. The separation between the guardian and custodian is not definitive, as one parent can play both the roles. Custody is mostly awarded to the mother, whereas the father is regarded to be the guardian always. It is on the best interest of the child that everything is dependent upon.

Custodial aspect with respect to divorce cases

Spouses typically are known to fight, especially in divorce cases, over the child’s custody. In the UAE, it is the child’s mother who wins its custody. However, they have to prove themselves fit to take the custody of the child. The custodian is required to fulfill lists of obligations, which includes being honest, of sound mind, free from infectious disease, mature enough to raise the child and not sentenced to any serious crime.

In case, any condition mentioned above is contracted by any of the parent, then the laws indicate the child to be placed with a parent who can take care of the child’s best interest. Some laws are also known to specify that the custodian is to practice similar religion to that of the child. Even though, custody and divorce battles are seen to be messy, UAE’s comprehensive custodial laws attempt to provide coverage to several situations as much as possible. It is necessary to have the issue focused on the child’s best interest.

Laws of the land do protect the inhabitants, most importantly the children, in every manner possible.

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