The number of tourists searching for adventure, trekking and travelling is increasing at a fast pace. Previously, travelling was limited only to the rich, wealthy and celebrities. However, things have changed today for the better. The common man having good disposition money with him is able to go places with his family seeking fun and entertainment. There have emerged numerous travel operators offering different types of affordable and exciting holiday packages. One such place which people should visit at least once in their lifetime is the UAE.

Increasing popularity

UAE is considered to be among the top must visit countries during the lifetime. The reason is because, there are numerous attractions to be seen, felt and experienced here. The UAE government has been trying to focus on different ways for enhancing tourism within the Emirates. The Annual Dubai Shopping Festival initiated by the Dubai government is considered to be a huge hit. Tourists in millions have been thronging the place every year, thus bringing good revenue to the state exchequer. Dubai also is known to have invested in numerous cultural activities and theme parks with the objective of attracting tourists. This undoubtedly makes Dubai, a cultural and modern destination.
Star accommodations
To cater to the growing tourist traffic in the Emirates, there have emerged several star hotels. Some of them are considered to be extravagant 5 star and 7 star hotels, not present anywhere else in this planet. With tourists of all segments of the society coming here to enjoy what Emirates has to offer them, it is easy to find all types of hotels. One can also easily find budgeted hotels that do not compromise on the quality factor.

Enjoying staying at budgeted options in the UAE
The tourists looking for budgeted hotel options in the UAE and Dubai are offered with plethora of choices. Most of the hotels here are said to offer basic amenities and facilities that of the average three star types. The tourist can select different types of accommodation like the luxury suits, double rooms, single rooms and the like. Also are present excellent in-house restaurants allowing the guests to taste variety of freshly prepared, delicious local delicacies along with global cuisines. One can enjoy having here popular cuisines like Italian, Indian, Continental and Mexican that are real delights. The budgeted hotels also offer access to modern, well equipped gym and swimming pool. Some also boast of having a pub within its premises to help the young guests to party and enjoy Dubai’s night life.

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